Jit op key not found

Hello, I’m novice in Jittor and just installed this software on my Linux server following the link “安装 — Jittor”.

However, when I checked the “cudnn” library with python3.7 -m jittor.test.test_cudnn_op, I found the log threw something strange, could you help me to check it?

[i 0920 10:50:57.801060 88 v10 op.cc:271] Jit op key not found: cudnn_conv«Tx:float32«Ty:float32«Tw:float32«XFORMAT:abcd«WFORMAT:oihw«YFORMAT:abcd«JIT:1«JIT_cuda:1«index_t:int32
[i 0920 10:51:01.987909 88 v10 op.cc:278] Get jit op entry: 0x7f962032616a

Hi, @HeroesHanzo ,

One of the most common reason is that cuDNN is not properly installed on your machine.

Could you please provide a full running log of Jittor to figure out the potential causes.